Not all Beauty Advisor users and experts will have the same beliefs and opinions. It's important, though, to respect one another and be a positive attribute to our community.

You can assist the Beauty Advisor platform in maintaining the highest level of support by adhering to the following principles:

-Be Nice. No one likes someone who is bashing or saying unkind things to others.

-Work to Resolve Issues. If you notice that a debate or discussion is getting heated, practice conflict resolution. Let the other person know that the conversation is becoming too intense, and it's ok for users to have different beliefs.

-Ignore. If you don't like a user's attitude, a lot of time it's better to take a deep breath and move on then to lash out.

-Flag. If a user or expert posts anything inappropriate, hateful, or just really not cool, please flag the content so that it can immediately be reviewed by our moderation team.

Lastly, have fun on Beauty Advisor!

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