Collectionss are the best way to collect inspiring looks and organize them any way you'd like. Think of it as creating a beauty collage to refer back to anytime!

You could create a collection for wedding hair inspiration, and another collection for yoga poses. Maybe you're interested in lip injections and want to create a collection with lips you want to show your aesthetic provider. You can create anything!

After you build a collection you're able to email it to friends, family, or a service provider to take a look at. This works out perfectly if you are wanting to share specific makeup looks with your friends and makeup artist before your wedding, or if you'd like to share your ideal breast implants size with your plastic surgeon.

You can click on any image on Beauty Advisor, and then hit the "Save"' button that will add it to a specific collection you've created. Or you can upload an image from outside of Beauty Advisor that you'd like to showcase on a specific collection. 

Happy collection building!

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