Answering questions on Beauty Advisor is a great way to showcase your expertise as an expert while helping users. It also allows a huge amount of users in our community, as well as out on the web, the ability to find you and learn more.

A few things to keep in mind when answering questions:

  • When you are answering a question for a user, he/she won't be the only person reading your response. Over time, your expert advice will have thousands of eyes reading it as users search for that same question.
  • Not only does the question and your answer show up on Beauty Advisor, but the page should also show up in web search results, so it's a great way to drive more exposure your way.
  • Make sure to answer questions on topics that you specialize in since our Advice Section is supporting how you are branded online.
  • Keep in mind that you're providing your expert opinion, not diagnosing someone online.  
  • As you answer more questions, you'll notice that it enables more users to visit your profile and follow you, contact you, and link to your website/social media accounts.
  • Really show off your personality in your responses, and allow your talent to shine! It's a great way for users to get to know you better.
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