1. Hover over the thumbnail photo in the top right-hand corner of your screen and select Upload Photos. If you choose to upload multiple images at a time, they should be of the same service, treatment, or exercise because you'll be uploading them to the same portfolio gallery.   

2. Choose an existing gallery or create a new one, upload your photos, and click Next.  

3. The following screen allows you to add details to describe and label your image. Choose your beauty or fitness category and select either one or more treatments, services, or workout activities that represent your work. Then, add a detailed how-to or photo description (1-2 sentences). Finally, tag relevant products used. See: How do I tag products used in my photos?   

4. Then, click Next to move on to your next photo, or if you are just uploading one image, hit Submit!

Option 2:

You can add photos to your Beauty Advisor portfolio galleries by visiting your profile when signed in, and then simply click on the Portfolio tab on your expert page. You'll have the option to click on an existing portfolio, and then upload images to it, or add a new gallery. Happy Uploading!

Tip: the more high-quality pictures you add, the more exposure you'll receive!

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