Beauty Advisor's moderation team hand-selects inspirational images to be featured in our editorial streams to the public. If you upload an image and don't see it featured in the appropriate stream, it could become highlighted in the near future. 

Here are some tips for getting your images featured in Beauty Advisor's editorial streams:

  1. Upload high-resolution, crisp and clear, large images. Here is more information regarding the file sizes we're looking for.
  2. Make sure your photos are well-lit
  3. Remove watermarks, borders, text, emojis, or filters on the images
  4. Write 1-2 sentence descriptions for each of your photos in the Description or How To* box you'll see as you upload images. 
  5. Upload images that clearly show off the service or treatment provided. (Ex: if you are an eyelash extensions specialist, it wouldn't make much sense for us to feature a full body image of your client.)
  6. Avoid uploading files that contain multiple images combined into one photo (often created using photo collage apps). If you'd like to upload before and after images of your treatment or service, add them to your portfolio galleries one after the other, clearly labeling which image is the "before" and which image is the "after" picture in your Description or How To* box.
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