Your portfolio galleries are one of the most important areas of your profile. These are the photos we highlight in our editorial streams and where you showcase your work to beauty lovers. Here are some tips for labeling and organizing your portfolio galleries:

  1. The name of your portfolio gallery will show up in Beauty Advisor's editorial streams if one of your images is featured, so it's important to be straight forward with how you label each gallery. For example: "Wedding Makeup," "Evening Hairstyles," "Bridal Updos," "Tummy Tuck," "Botox," "Weight Training," "Yoga Poses."
  2. You can break down your portfolio galleries as much as you'd like, but ideally, you want at least a few images in each gallery. If you are planning on adding more images to your galleries in the future, it's okay to have a small number of photos in a gallery.
  3. If you need to delete a portfolio gallery at any time, click on the relevant gallery and click "Delete."
  4. Please upload crisp, clear, high-resolution photos. This will ensure that the overall aesthetic appeal of your profile is attractive, and will increase the chances of your images being saved to beauty boards and featured in Beauty Advisor's editorials. 
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