Photo Suggestions for Aesthetic Professionals

If you are an aesthetic professional, we know that medical practices can be tricky with lighting. Here is some guidance on the types of images our marketing team is looking to feature for you in our Skincare and Cosmetic Surgery Editorials:

-Large file sizes 1000 mega pixels wide or more. See this link for additional info.

-Photos that are well-lit

-Images that contain none of the followingwatermarksblacked out eyesblursfilterswriting, or emojis on them (it's nice and easy — just upload the originals!). With our before and after upload functionality, you are able to crop the photos if the patient has requested it. Simply zoom in or out with your touch pad or finger depending on the device, or drag each image around to reposition it in each below square once it's loaded.


-If you are uploading before and afters- please add them as single before and afters using the "Upload Before & After" option above, rather than clicking on "Upload Photos" and adding in a collage type format of pictures.


Just a hint- we   these types of photos:

-Pictures taken in your exam room or somewhere in the office with your patient showing off his/her result

-Aesthetically pleasing pictures of a patient's face or treatment area, to showcase results

-Professionally taken photos of your patients

-Crisp and clear images that your patients have sent you showing off their after results

-Before and after images (or strictly afters) that were taken against a light background or simply in the office. A wall is fine, in an exam chair, or around the clinic. We actually prefer backgrounds that aren't bright blue or black.

If you need the Beauty Advisor team's assistance with adding images, please reach out to us anytime via phone, email, or simply through live chat when signed into your profile. 

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