How do I answer a question on Beauty Advisor as an expert?

To answer a question on Beauty Advisor you must sign into your expert profile.

When a User asks you a question, you will get a notification in the top right corner next to your name. 


When you click this notification it will direct you to the advice page where your question has been asked.

Scroll down and answer it in the "What do you think?" box and submit your answer.


Answering questions on Beauty Advisor is a great way to showcase your expertise as an expert while helping users. It also allows a huge amount of users in our community, as well as out on the web, the ability to find you and learn more.

A few things to keep in mind when answering questions:

  • When you are answering a question for a user, he/she won't be the only person reading your response. Over time, your expert advice will have thousands of eyes reading it as users search for that same question.
  • Not only does the question and your answer show up on Beauty Advisor, but the page should also show up in web search results, so it's a great way to drive more exposure your way.
  • Make sure to answer questions on topics that you specialize in since our Advice Section is supporting how you are branded online.
  • Keep in mind that you're providing your expert opinion, not diagnosing someone online.  
  • As you answer more questions, you'll notice that it enables more users to visit your profile and follow you, contact you, and link to your website/social media accounts.
  • Really show off your personality in your responses, and allow your talent to shine! It's a great way for users to get to know you better.


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